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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Miss Mayah' or 'Teacher Mayah'?

  Well, I am back. I hope. Not that I expect anyone to even read this blog anyway, but that's not important. I just like having a place to come to if I feel like it. Anyway, I decided to try a hand at changing the layout of the blog, so I took a visit to and chose the design that I thought most appropriately fits with the title and purpose of my blog. It also fits my childish self, hoho. It's cute but it does take a long time to load. Duh.

  Anyway, I originally intended to write accounts of my experience during my SBE or ROS as it's called here, but that didn't work out too well I guess. For one the internet connection here can be really trying, and when it's slow, it's really, really slow. For another, it was quite a bother to come home and write everything, and I write such long accounts that it probably looks boring.

  This time, however, I am determined to make a good comeback. Teacher Mayah is back! That reminds me of what one of my lecturers told us in class sometime ago. She said that it upsets her when people do not use English properly, one such example being the use of 'Teacher + name' that English teachers allow their students to call them at school. This is actually a direct translation from 'Cikgu + name' for example Cikgu Siti. Translate that into English and it becomes Teacher Siti. Tada! My lecturer says that we should be asking them to call us using proper handles, such as Miss Siti, or Puan Siti.

  Still, even though she is probably right, I must say that this particular issue does not really bother me that much. For one I think that 'Teacher Siti' sounds much more friendly and teacher-ish, and even though it's not correct English, it rather suits the Malaysian school setting. I don;t know, that's what I think.

  However, I guess when I go to school next semester I shall have to follow orders. Besides, lecturers are lecturers and they know what they're saying. They've years and years of experience and students should respect that, not question every single thing that they say. 

  On that, here is Miss Mayah a.k.a. Teacher Mayah signing off for now. Jazakallahukhairan kathiira!


  1. Hi Miss Ina. However did you make your way here??? Camne leh jumpe ni???

  2. Ooohh.. saya tebas2 lalang umah kwn2 kita, pastu jmpa laman awk ni.. cantik.. terpegun sekejap.. :)

  3. Hah...yeke. Rumah sape la agaknya, haha. Your blog is really pretty!!! Mine mcm budak2 la Ina..dh la xtau nak tulis ape sgt haha

  4. i used 'teacher siti' during my prac phase and still using 'teacher fairuz' in my first school and still not intending to change it to 'miss siti'. felt closer to the kids with them calling me 'teacher'. :)

  5. Kak Fye: Yeah, I feel that way too, but Dr says it's not right, hehe. Mase ROS dulu bdk2 suma pgil Teacher Sue. I liked it. Oh well!


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