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Hi, everyone! I have finally managed to write something. I hope 2017 will bring many great things for all of us!
-TM, 2nd February 2017


   Since posting is currently playing in the theaters of some thousands(?) of teachers' lives, I'm dedicating a special page to note down everything that's happening. This is also a directory to the links on my latest posts concerning posting and my new life as a teacher.

09.01.2012 : Posting results announced!
12.01.2012 : Johor teachers check their districts
13.01.2012 : Johor teachers check their schools
16.01.2012 : Official date for all teachers to report at their respective JPNs/PPDs  1 2
17.01.2012 : Checked in at SKST, Gua Musang
18.01.2012 : Received temporary timetable, entered a few classes for the first time
19.01.2012 : Received permanent timetable
19.01.2012 -
29.01.2012 : Returned home  for CNY Holidays!
02.01.2012 : Briefing on PPGB at PPD Gua Musang and returned home for the weekend
05.01.2012 : Maulidur Rasul
11.01.2012 : School day on a Saturday!
04.01.2012 : Finally received the long awaited appointment letter from SPP!
07.03.2012 : Majlis Perlantikan Pengawas, Pengawas Perpustakaan, Ketua & Penolong Ketua Kelas dan Kem Kepimpinan Pelajar
09.03.2012 -
17.03.2012 : Cuti Pertengahan Semester

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