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Hi, everyone! I have finally managed to write something. I hope 2017 will bring many great things for all of us!
-TM, 2nd February 2017

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Phonics Course in KL

Guys, I'm going to KL next week, Insya-Allah! Monday to Friday. I hope I'll be able to share lots of interesting information with you. Take care!

Friday, June 29, 2012

It was never between you and them anyway...

Sometimes you feel down in the dumps.

Sometimes you just cannot take it anymore. Why must people always look down on you? Why must people always have something bad to say about what you do? Can't they just focus on their own work and leave you alone to do yours?

Sometimes you feel like giving up on human beings. Why can't they be nice to you when you've been nice to them? Why? Why?

The thing is...
The thing is, it was never and is never between you and them anyway.

Do it for God. Do it for Allah.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Holiday Notes

Note 1: I heard that a lot of people finally got their posting after waiting for nearly a year. Some were lucky to be sent to school in their own hometowns, while some have to brave their first school in a completely new environment. Whatever happens, remember our purpose in this profession. Remember!

Note 2: It's the...... (drum rolls....) school ho-ho-holidays! While I love being at school, I have managed to maintain that part of myself that simply loves the word 'holidays'. As I write this, I must painfully remember that there are only about 9 days of this blissfulness to go. There is so much to do, even during the holidays. Yet I am luckier than many, many of my friends have to be on duty, for some reason or other (mostly due to tuition classes) at school. 

Note 3: Weddings. So many invitations. I managed to attend one so far, and I've had a blast. I'm happy for 4 of my Cohort 4 Pretties who got married. May Allah bless your life and shower it with blessings and happiness in the years to come. Insya-Allah!

Note 4: I need a new laptop. I need a camera. I need a new phone. I'd love a new stand-mixer. I already look forward to my next gaji (oh dear, I never thought I'd finally come to this phase). I have too many blogs that need updating. There you go. Happy holidays.