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Hi, everyone! I have finally managed to write something. I hope 2017 will bring many great things for all of us!
-TM, 2nd February 2017

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Ramadhan!

   I'm late, as usual, but I'd like to wish all my Muslim readers a Happy Ramadhan! May this blessed Ramadhan help us to become better Muslims. Hopefully we'll become more productive through the training we're getting throughout this month. Insya-Allah!!!

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   Take care!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teaching of Phonics Course: A Sneakpeek

   I really enjoyed the Teaching of Phonics course I went to and I wish that I could really get down to posting about what I've learnt there. For now, take a look at these pictures to have some insight into what we did there...

   We got some really great ideas on how to teach phonics:


  Okay I may be a bit biased here so feel free to disagree. I simply think that English teachers are just the best sorts of people to be around. Even when I was in school, I always felt that vibe from my English teachers. They were just different. They were fun, creative, full of energy and I always looked forward to my English classes. I had the same sort of experience during the two courses I've attended which involved English teachers. Things were never boring because everybody was just so enthusiastic. I met so many lovely people there and I feel truly privileged.

All the CPs with our wonderful instructors.
All prim and proper.

That's more like it.

My crazy, energetic and fun, fun fun group mates. You guys rock!

   Good luck dear friends! It seems like the world is so much better with people like you in it, and your pupils are truly, truly lucky getting you as their teachers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

School-Based Oral Assessment (SBOA) link

   I found a helpful blog post on School-Based Oral Assessment. It explains the types of models used for assessing pupils together with some examples. The post actually explains SBOA for secondary school, but I haven't found any links for primary school. Check out the post anyway, I think it's still helpful.

   My own assessments are a bit of a mess, but as soon as I clear them up I'll try to share them with you (ughhh I hate making promises these days, I just ever get around to fulfilling them!)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Delima Diaries: Struck by a Pen

   Being with 2 Delima is always a challenge. I never know what to expect, no matter how carefully I have planned a lesson.

   Last week something rather funny and more truthfully painful (for me, anyway) happened. The bell signalling the end of my two periods with 2D had rung, and I was sitting by Mat Syaf and observing while he finished his work. He was rather quiet that day due to his own actions and I felt rather sorry for him.

   Meanwhile, Haslina and the other three girls were, as usual clamoring around me and fighting over who was going to take teacher's things up to the staff room. Haslina had taken possession of my stationery box and was going over the things in it and tidying them up (a habit she had taken up recently). She was standing (or sitting, I can't quite remember) right beside me and was engaged in trying to get the lid of a red pen off the bottom end. It was rather tight and she struggled with it for a few seconds when suddenly it came off and wham! struck into one corner of my left eyebrow. I was quite shocked by the sudden unplanned 'attack' and the sharp pain led me to give out a cry of pain.

   I immediately pressed my palm over the wound and put my head on the desk. My head was reeling a bit from the shock and it was honestly quite painful. The girls were crowding around me and trying to get a look at my face. When my head had stopped spinning I lifted my face and gingerly touched the area where I'd been hit. Horrors! There was blood! I had no tissue on me so I made do with the inside part of my headscarf.

   The news spread like wildfire among the children. Quite a while later, when I'd had a chance to sit down and relax, I discovered the wild stories that the children had spread, like how I had got into a fight with Haslina which ended in me being viciously attacked by Haslina with a pen. It turned out to be a rather funny incident and I couldn't help but laugh about it.

   Haslina herself was quite unaffected by it. I suppose she is still too small(?) to know how to feel guilty, because while I was washing the blood off my face (okay, don't worry, I didn't lose that much blood, haha), she innocently spoke one of her favourite sentences, "Teacher, I only brought RM 1 to school today..."

   Who knew teaching eight-year-olds could be such a dangerous occupation?

   p.s. I made sure to tell everybody that it was an accident, because it certainly was. Haslina may be problematic sometimes but an accident is an accident.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Delima Diaries : Of Pencils

   My pupils eat pencils. Figuratively, of course. Since the start of the year, I've gone through at least 7 boxes of pencils. Most of them never bring pencils to class, and if they do, they'd lose them in five minutes. They don't seem to have an appreciation for their own things. If they lose something, it's either borrowing from somebody else or simply buying a new one. And then losing it all over again.

   That's how 2 Delima is. In fact, that's just a tiny piece of what defines 2 Delima.

   My pencils either go missing. The ones that come back are either broken into two or three pieces, or are whole but with the leads inside broken, or split into two,etc. Some of them even look as if they'd been chewed on.

   You may say, why pamper these children? I should be strict and insist that they bring their own pencils. Well, I've tried and it doesn't work. I'm just not at the level where good teachers are yet. I feel that what's important is that pupils are able to do their work, and if it means I should bring pencils, then I will.

   A month ago, I stumbled upon twelve boxes of pencils sold at around RM 12.00 (less, I think). In exasperation, I bought the whole lot. 12 boxes times 12 pencil equals to 144 pencils. That should last at least three months, I thought.

   I'm happy to report that after two weeks, I've only has to use and am still only using one box of pencils. All twelve pencils from that box are still in good condition. None is missing. Only one has a broken lead but it's still usable.

   I guess 2 Delima has grown up a bit. Maybe I'm getting better. I don't know. What I do know is that in this profession, you should never, ever give up. Never. Ever. Your children need you. You need them too.