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Monday, July 18, 2011

Posting Results: Waiting 'til We're Nuts!

   I haven't posted anything new because doing it reminds me that I'm still waiting for the posting results.

   And also because I left my practicum files and record books with my lecturer. I was planning to make some good entries out of them, but there you are.

   Over a week ago, the posting results for one of the KPLI programmes (pre-school or pendidikan khas, I don't remember) were announced on the Ministry's website. Duh.

   It's not like I am SUPER excited to start working. Yes, it's true that it'll be nice to start earning money and help my parents out (and get some things for myself!) but since I just got home for about two weeks, I'm still in the mood for relaxing and feeling useless (at times) and baking edible (yes edible, since I'm still pretty much a novice at it) things to eat.

   However, it is annoying to have this nagging feeling whenever the words 'posting results' pop into my head. Ugh. I WANT to know where I'll be sent. I WANT TO KNOW! It's not easy to be patient, huh? Life is all about waiting, I guess.

   Where will I be sent? Will I get a school so near to my house that I can't stay here and save on rent and a lot of other things besides? Will I get a school in some part of Peninsular Malaysia that's umfamiliar to me, like Pahang or Negeri Sembilan? Will I get sent back to the northern parts- maybe Kedah? Or Penang? Will I get sent back to Melaka? (No! No! No!!!!!!) Will I be sent of to the dreaded states: Sabah or Sarawak?

   Arrgghhh!!!! But I suppose this is what most, if not all, teacher trainees go through. I do know that we are a little bit luckier compared to our university friends, who have yet to complete their forms. They have to wait until the end of this year for their results. At least they'll get to stay at home, I guess. We should be grateful. Sigh.

   For lack of nothing to do (yeah, right) and in order to help my jumbled-up thoughts about posting, I've made a list of the possible places that I COULD be sent to and the pros and cons. 

[I should go to sleep, it's 1.37 a.m. and I've to get up early for sahur- it's Nisfu Syaaban! But oh well.]

   1. Kelantan: somewhere so near to my house that I can bike to school
       Bike? Well maybe not, but maybe Abuya could send me or I could drive there when I get my licence.

       No need for rent fees! Yippee!!!
       Save a lot of money! This means that I can give more (insya-Allah) to Ummi and Abuya, as well as save up to do thing that I want to do (like going for umrah and travelling!!!)
       A chance to polish on my meagre Kelantanese speaking skills.
       Get to complete my driving lessons easily!
       Be close to home, all the time!
       I might meet someone (a guy) who's a pure-bred Kelantanese. Oh no. (I'm not biased. Honest. I just don't fancy them)
       I'll have to really learn to speak Kelantanese! Yikes!
       I might end up being here forever. I'd like to have the chance to explore other places too.

       I still have mixed feelings about this. Though I really want to stay close to where my parents and family are, a part of me says that I want to explore. I dunno. I feel guilty. I haven't said anything to Ummi or Abuya about what I feel. :(

   2. Kelantan: somewhere not-so-near so that I'd have to stay away
       Examples? Gua Musang (I hope not!) Machang? Tanah Merah? Jeli?

Thanks for the welcoming words.
But I dunno.
       I'd get to experience a new place (but still in Kelantan, duh)
       I can come back every weekend or every other weekend- as often as I can!
       Save on travelling fees when I do come home (?)
       Get to complete my driving lessons easily enough if I can come home more often.

       New place? Really?
       If I am posted to someplace in Kelantan, they might as well post me somewhere near so that I'll be able to stay at home!
       Same other cons for being posted near home

       I dunno. Kelantan? Only if I get to stay somewhere near home. If I can't, then just put me somewhere else.

   3. Back to good-old Kedah or Penang
       Not such a bad idea. I'd be able to teach in a place where I grew up or went to school. I kind of like this. In fact, 8 out of 10.

       Familiar surroundings... familiar places
       MakNgah's family and Tok & Wan are there
       I spent all my life except for the last four years in both states- it's kinda close to the heart
       I like Kedah & Penang!!!
       Far away from home (Kelantan)

       I like the idea- but am not sure Mum and Dad do! (Well they want me to be in Kelantan, which explains everything, hehe)       

   4. Other parts of Peninsular Malaysia
       This won second place on my list of 'nerve-wrecking when I think that I'll be posted here'. And yet it sounds like fun if I could do a bit of exploring.

       New places! New sights! New surroundings! New people!
       Well, it depends on which state it is. I don't really have a thing for Negeri Sembilan (makanan pedas oi!), Johor sounds like an expensive place to live in, Perak and Perlis sounds okay, Terengganu would be good... Pahang is a bit risky because it's so big.

       It'll pretty much depend on the state they send me to. 

   5. Back to Melaka where it all began
       The truth is, Melaka isn't such a bad place. In fact, it's quite an awesome state for its small size and I've grown to understand its people from my four years there. For some reason though... I dread being posted there. Too many people who know me...? 

       Jusco! I love Jusco. And they have so many shopping complexes. 
       I've yet to explore some of the attractions like Zoo Melaka (yeah, duh), the Night Cruise, Duck Tours etc. A bit dumb, really since I had lots of time to go but didn't.
       The people are really nice... in their own way :)
       I've built some good relationships with some people there, which is good, I guess?
       It's such a long way from home by bus... 9 hours of travelling back and forth by bus for four years is enough. Quite enough.
       Like I say, I have this uncomfortable feeling of being sent there. Like a premonition. Which I don't understand and therefore do not like

       Hmmm.... if I do get sent to Melaka, I'm going to smile bravely and say to myself, "at least you're still in good old Peninsular Malaysia..."

   6. Sabah! Or Sarawak!!!!!!! Aggghhhh!!!!

       New place. Could be exciting.
       More money! (I hope I don't sound too happy about that)
       I'll get to travel by airplane! Haven't done that for a while.

       Such a long way from home...
       I might get sent so deep into the wilderness that I won't have access to the internet!

       While I hope not to be sent here, I feel quite optimistic (for now) about being sent there. 

 7. Overseas?
       Okay that was random. What a silly, silly idea. As if! But it's fun to think that there might be a possibility of it happening. Okay, maybe not. Let's pretend there is, anyway.

       Scotland would be really cool.... haha. Or they could send me to New Zealand. Or anyplace cool. Yeah.
       Hey, what's not fun about travelling? (Probably lots of things but I won't think of them now)
       I'll be a foreigner! Cool!

       Urm... I don't think I'd afford it, haha

       I'm being silly. It'll NEVER happen. Period.

   This is what happens when you think TOO much about where you'll be posted to. This is just me. My friends are cooking up even weirder and funnier things to do!

   Anyway, I put my complete trust in Allah. he knows best. Like Ustaz Kabuye said once, the place we are sent to will be where we are needed most. I hope to be a good teacher. Where? Allah knows best! :)


  1. Lucky you to be having a guaranteed job... Where ever you are being posted, you must be ready to serve, and should never complain. I have spent four of my good years of life in a Felda settlement, and was very proud of it....

    Just another English teacher...

  2. Thanks very much! Every word you say is true, and I'm glad you stopped by to write them here.

    I'd love to read about your experiences. I still have a lot to learn...


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