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Hi, everyone! I have finally managed to write something. I hope 2017 will bring many great things for all of us!
-TM, 2nd February 2017

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Posting, posting, posting... hehe

   I'm afraid I'm going to bore you with more news on posting.

   Of course, if you're an IPGM-TESL graduate, you might be glad of some news, huh?

   These are pieces of information I collected from my TESL friends, through our FB group. These people have 'connections' with 'insiders', hehe, so hopefully the news will turn out true. I just hope I have time to complete my driving lessons and take the JPJ test before being posted!

   1. My friend Bet said that her father's friend, who's an important personage at the Bahagian Pertukaran Guru, said posting results will be announced on 26th September 2011. Less than four weeks from now.

   2. A TESL boy announced that he got information from JPN Kedah that a meeting at Putrajaya will be held on September 8th 2011. This is when representatives from all the JPNs will gather to collect names for their respective states.
      * It seems that Selangor & Johor need over 1000 teachers. (I think I'd prefer Selangor over Johor. At least I have some family there.)
      * It seems that there's an overload of teachers in Kelantan and Kedah... so doooshhh all hopes of going there are lost. But of course Allah knows best and you never know what can happen, huh?

   3. Another TESL boy said he had the chance to talk to the Head of JPN Sarawak, who said that posting for TESL grads (not sure if he just means IPGM TESL grads, or all, but I suppose just the former since the others haven't filled their forms,  or so I've heard) will be announced sometime in September. So.

   Well, I hope the news will turn out to be true. Let's hope for the best. If you're reading this, please pray that I'll be placed somewhere I'm needed. Insya-Allah.


  1. must be tired of waiting huh?
    happy eid mubarak by the way :))

  2. Assalam

    Insya-Allah, rezeki Allah berikan untuk kita pasti ada. Khabar angin tentang posting ni memang banyak. Jangan terlalu meletakkan harapan terlalu tinggi. Bersabar dan semoga mendapat tempat yang diidamkan.. =)

  3. nsdahlia: Well, I've decided to be positive about it and enjoy the time that I have to be at home. After all, lepas dah start keja, mesti dah busy, kan? Eid Mubarak to you too! :)

  4. Aniza: Thanks, memang betul bab2 posting ni banyak sangat khabar angin ni sampai tak tahu yang mana betul. Yang pasti, Allah Maha Mengetahui, kita sebagai manusia kena sabar dan tunggu la kan... thanks for visiting my blog :)


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