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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teaching of Phonics Course: A Sneakpeek

   I really enjoyed the Teaching of Phonics course I went to and I wish that I could really get down to posting about what I've learnt there. For now, take a look at these pictures to have some insight into what we did there...

   We got some really great ideas on how to teach phonics:


  Okay I may be a bit biased here so feel free to disagree. I simply think that English teachers are just the best sorts of people to be around. Even when I was in school, I always felt that vibe from my English teachers. They were just different. They were fun, creative, full of energy and I always looked forward to my English classes. I had the same sort of experience during the two courses I've attended which involved English teachers. Things were never boring because everybody was just so enthusiastic. I met so many lovely people there and I feel truly privileged.

All the CPs with our wonderful instructors.
All prim and proper.

That's more like it.

My crazy, energetic and fun, fun fun group mates. You guys rock!

   Good luck dear friends! It seems like the world is so much better with people like you in it, and your pupils are truly, truly lucky getting you as their teachers.


  1. Hi teacher's me again.. I love seeing yr photos...i would give everything to be there too!it looks like a very fun course! i hope that you would share the input that u had received from the course!sometimes i am at lost to how to teach my pupils phonics..especially at the drilling part cos pp find it boring and tedious to repeat the words if the activities are not fun

    1. Hi again miss forever25. Thanks so much for visiting my blog again and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it! It was definitely an interesting course, I'd love to share everything that I've learned there. I hope I'll get around to it soon, hehe. Phonics is actually fun to teach, we just need to put some extra effort into it. All the best!


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