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Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Holidays!

That's all I want to say.Happy Holidays!!!:-)


  1. Can I call you Kak Sumaiyyah? Need help here with classroom management. sob sob. How do I manage a noisy classroom. Students are very active, and they do the work. It's just that the noise sometimes is too loud. Any tips?

  2. Hey Aida. You have asked the most inexperienced person ever. But I'll try. I had one very hyperactive class last year (you can read about them under my Delima Diaries tab) and it was a huge struggle. Bear in mind that primary schoolers and secondary schoolers are probably very very different.

    In my opinion, it's fine for students to talk AND do their work. Remember when you were in school? You could however set some kind of rule to help minimise the noise. If you give them groupwork or pairwork then memang akan bising because they need to discuss. But tell them if it's individual work they have to be quiet. If they need to speak, they must use English or else they will be fined. Things like that. Cikgu ni kena cunning, buat tricks sikit, hehe.

    I've also found that a reward system works very well. Divide them into groups and give some sort of reward such as a star or a smiley face everytime they manage to do what you say or behave etc.

    All the best and do share your experience!

    p.s. You can call me Kak Sumaiyyah :)


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