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-TM, 2nd February 2017

Monday, May 9, 2011

I miss my kids...

   I'm supposed to upload useful things on this blog, such as lesson plans and tips on teaching (yeah... a yet-to-be-officially-announced-as-a-teacher giving tips..hah!) so that this blog  can more or less be useful to people who read it, but I don't feel up to it right now.

   Right now, I rather miss my kids non-stop chatter. I was always complaining about how they talked too much. The real truth is... I like it when they talk a lot! They tell me things, and I like it because it means they're not afraid of me. However, it became a problem whenever I had to prepare to be observed.

   Anyway, I thought I'd reveal my sweethearts to the world today! (Hopefully it helps to mask my laziness to post anything useful). Just pics today. Later when I feel more 'rajin' I'll write some things about some of them- just for the sake of sharing my experience in teaching rowdy 9 year olds who just want attention- and given it, work really well during lessons.

Left to right: Alif, Syukri
Alif's my personal favourite.
What can I do? I'm a bit biased, haha.

Left to right: Amirul, Syhami, Syahrizan
Naughty boys. Rasa nak jentik je all the time :P

Left to right: Aisyah, Noriza & Aisyah
The two Aisyahs are besties

Left to right: Adina, Suhana
Eza particularly likes Adina, whom she says is very cute
They're both in pemulihan, but sometimes they're spirits in working rivals that of the others

   Only one of them is missing- Imran, who's pretty much the star in the class when it comes to English (And from what I know, all the other subjects too). He was absent a lot, including on my last day at school. Nak kena dak Imran nih!

   I've been wanting to buy a camera ever since I started SBE... but that wish is yet to be fulfilled. So far I just make do with my camera phone which produces 'okay' photos, but how I long for that camera!

   Camera or no camera, one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't take enough pictures when I was at SKP... huhu. Masa SBE bukan main lagi snap2. Masa practicum entah kenapa hilang semangat ambik gambo...


  1. Waa.. kalau anak murid banyak sangat cakap... Sepatah cikgu cakap, 20 patah die sambung... letih jugak... Adoilah...

    Tapi kalau diorang takde, sunyi sepi jugak...

  2. Yezza... ni 11 org je, Miss Sunshine. Klu 30 orang xtau nak bayang la...haha

  3. you'll get your own students soon enough =) but like they said, nothing beat your first time...

  4. Yup... nobody can beat these kids. I put them here so that I won't forget their names when I'm old and crooked, haha

  5. This could be really helpful for me! Thank you! I just hope that time flies faster. So that I could have my own students as well. Anyway, will you be teaching primary school?

  6. Aida: I always hope what I write will be helpful, but I've never been very sure.

    Don't worry, time flies really fast and soon you'll get your own kids. Yup I'll be teaching in primary school, what about you?

  7. being a teacher is a noble job. but, i think one should have the interest and the passion to be one.

  8. Nadhirah: Well, yes, that's true. But I know some people who did not start with any passion or interest in the profession (in fact some of them hated kids), but they turned out okay.

    Still, it's best to become a teacher because you want to be one, huh?

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  9. InshaAllah, I'll be teaching secondary school. I'd had a two-week SBE in 2009. It was in Bangsar. And it was indeed exciting to have 'big' kids around. =D

    Should wait for another two years, then I'll know what kinda teacher I will be. InshaAllah. I pray that we can be good teachers and also good friends to our students. =)

  10. I know its different, but I miss the sounds and noise coming from my nephews and neices too.

  11. Aida: I wish you all the best! And I'm also looking forward to reading about your experiences (if you mean to write about them that is).

    Insya-Allah, I don't think I know what kind of teacher I am yet, and I'm not sure I ever will :)

  12. mangocheeks: Well I don't have any nephews or nieces, but if they're kids and they fight over each other to scream into your ears, then it's probably just about the same :)

    Thanks for reading!

  13. sumaiyyah, let me guess,your practicum ended on the 22nd of Apr?

    anyway, it's always fun to teach young children at primary school because they're kids :) hope that i will have an opportunity to teach kids in the future. ^.^

  14. Ms. Farah: Sikit lg nak betul, hehe. It ended April 14th (15th Melaka holiday). Why?

    Yup it's fun. It's definitely fun. Not to mention exhausting. Will you be teaching in a primary or secondary school? I thought your practicum was done in a secondary school? (if I read correctly).

  15. baru sekrg i ada masa nak jengah2 blog u.. sori mayah, sbb i abaikan u.. btw, thanx for sudi lg dtg jengah2 blog sy yg sedang berhabuk tu.. hehe.. :)


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