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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tutorial: Colour Printing

   Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! I hope you're all well.

   Even though I'm busy with school, I don't mean to abandon this blog. I could write a lot of random posts but that won't be fun, so I decided that I'd do a series of tutorials that might be useful to you. They're actually not really tutorials- just ideas and tips that I have learned while doing my work.

   Let's start. Ever since I entered my training institute, I've been used to having my own printer and computer or laptop. Life doesn't feel complete without them. To date, I've bought/owned (and disposed some of) 5 printers. Yeah. All were colour printers, and 4 were Canon ones. My favourite printers are definitely from the Canon series, I think they have the easiest user interface and they're also easy to handle.

   Anyway, whatever brand of printer you use doesn't matter in this tutorial. What I want to yalk about is how to make sure that what you print is the exact shade of colour that you want. Let me explain. A lot of times I find that the colour that I selected/used in whatever documents that I create using my laptop is not the same on screen and off screen. For example, magenta sometimes come out as red, dark blue comes out as a different shade than the one you see on your laptop screen and so on.

   This is what I did.

   Step 1
Select font colour

Step 2
Select 'more colours'

 Step 3
This is what will come out

Step 4
To ensure a sharper and better quality image, enlarge the pop-up screen by dragging at the corner.
Step 5
Click on 'Print Screen' (or it may be written as PrtSc on your keyboard).
Open Paint.
Select 'Edit' and 'Paste'.
Edit as necessary.

   But hey, you know what, I decided to make life a lot easier for you. Below is the picture of the colour diagram that I got. I printed it out (you can either print is an image or paste it into word before printing it out). I paste it on my wall and I refer to the colour that HAS BEEN PRINTED before choosing the colour to use in my laptop. This way you can determine the shade of colour that you really want and expect it to come out.

   I realise that my explanations are all over the place, so if you can't make out head from tail on this post, shoot me a question and I will do my level best to answer!

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