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-TM, 2nd February 2017

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

   Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?

   Don't be! Because the big bad wolf is just one of the millions of bad, fictional character out there (okay, not the most comforting thought). But best of all, the Big Bad Wolf I am referring to is not the furry beast that hunts Little Red Riding Hood. Instead, I am talking about this Big Bad Wolf:

   As Ducky would say:

   Yup, yup, yup! It's a Book Sale! I have been looking forward to this ever since my sister told me about this. Books, books, books, where would we be without books? One of my ideas of meeting and falling in love with somebody is in a book store. Haha. I always think that a person who carries a book around as the most interesting sort of person I'd like to talk to. Unfortunately, people who are immersed in reading aren't usually interested in talking! I should know. Anyway, people who bury their head in books are so much better than those who bury their heads in tablets or Ipads and the like. I think.

   So save the dates! I will be going to KL next week, and I CANNOT wait to visit the Big Bad Wolf and give him a huge hug. Hopefully he'll hug me back and let me return home with plenty of goodies. For more information, visit their official website or/and blog and don't forget to like them on Facebook.

I'll see you there!


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