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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New (School) Year Countdown: Weird Dreams

   I have always found it odd how when I'm looking forward to or am constantly thinking of something, it ends up in my dreams. Of course it's probably not odd since studies have shown that dreams are usually affected by what you think and do (eceh jadik saintis pulak tetiba). You know what I mean though.

   And guess what. School is about to start in less than a week.

   And last night, I had the strangest dream.

   I dreamt that I was getting ready for school. Then I realised that I was late for school. I quickly jumped on my bike (what the... a bike?) and pedalled as hard as I could. Then suddenly the tires went flat. I cycled home (apparently I was supposed to pick her up. Wait. Where did I cycle from in the first place??) and informed her that we had better  go to school by car since my bike had managed to get flat tires. Then a man suddenly came and knocked on the window and asked if we were planning to move out since he was looking for a house to rent.

   I don't think we went to school at all in the end.

   Complete rubbish.

   As if I would EVER cycle to school. Crazy kot. Mungkinla jauh.

   Hehe. Happy end-of-holidays and let's get ready to get back to school!

   Anybody been lucky enough to get your own share of weird get-back-to-school dream/nightmare? Do share.

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  1. haha u sesuai je mayah naik beskal to school.hihi..i plak mimpi bercuti ke cameron,nmpk tak mood holiday belom abes lagiii???


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