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Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to Teach Young Children to Write a Simple Five-Line Poem

(skema giler tajuk, by the way)

I learnt this during a course I went to in KL. To cut things short, here is a simple way of teaching young children to create their own poems.

This method will create a five-line poem. Make sure your pupils have the basic on adjectives, nouns and verbs in the continuous tense. In order to be able to execute this well in class, you should try this out first.

First line
Write an adjective and your name. It is even better if the adjective starts with the same letter as your name.
For example: Super Sumaiyyah

Second line
Write two verbs in the continuous tense which describe the things that you like to do.
For example: Baking, reading

Third line
Write three things that you dislike. You can start off by writing just one word for each thing (a noun). Later, you can ask your pupils to write two words for each thing.
Example 1: smells, vegetables, worms
Example 2: funny smells, bitter vegetables, slimy worms

Fourth line
Write a four word sentence that describes yourself.
Example: I don't eat much.

Fifth line
Rewrite the first line of your poem.

And this is what you will get:

Super Sumaiyyah
Baking, reading
Funny smells, bitter vegetables, slimy worms
I don't eat much
Super Sumaiyyah.

Isn't it super easy and simple? I can't wait to try this out (yeah, I haven't). If you try this out, do share!

Selamat Berbuka for those of you who are fasting!


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