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Monday, December 23, 2013

UPSR: Tips for Teaching Section B in Paper 2

   Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

   I'm sorry that I cannot do this consistently. I wish I could post and share what I know and have learnt as often as I can but I am either too lazy or busy doing something else. Please bear with me, dear friends. I have not even spent any time to customise my blog and it has been like this for the past two or three years. I think.

   This time I would like to share a type of exercise that you can use to teach your pupils to write for Section B in Paper 2. This exercise would be useful for weak pupils and for those who are just beginning to write for Section B.

   You will need to prepare the templates below for them. I shall provide the link to the PowerPoint and Word documents for the exercise so that you can download them and edit them to suit your class.

  First, read through the information provided in the exercises you wish to use with your pupils. If you wish them to transfer the information first into the table/space provided, then by all means do so. Then, depending on the type of information you have, read through the sample that you have prepared. Below is one sample my mentor prepared, which I edited a bit to suit my pupils:

   Since I prepared this for weak and average pupils, I made the sentences very simple. The point of this exercise is to help pupils write based on the example given. Then, provide templates with blank spaces for them to write in using the information for the two other options, such as shown below:

   And there you go! Easy peasy in syaa Allah. Hope this helps!

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