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-TM, 2nd February 2017

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

KSSR Year 2 English Unit 1 (Phonics)

   A friend asked the other day if I've stopped blogging. I grinned sheepishly and replied that I've been too busy. Then I told her I was just being lazy.

   So here I am, haha. I just came to share some materials that I made today. These worksheets were actually based on page 3 of the Year 2 English Activity Book. I just jazzed it up a bit to make it slightly more interesting and also because I wanted my pupils to write the words more than once. (You'll know what I mean if you're familiar with the exercise in the book).

   I also created a similar exercise for slightly more advanced pupils. I have two or three groups in my Year 2 class this year. The pupils are so much better behaved than Haslina's class (refer to my previous posts labeled Delima diaries) and they are very good at doing their work. Some can already read most of the simple words in the textbook and they also work quite fast so I thought I might as well create a second worksheet which included sentences.

    It's up to you of course, how you want to use them. The download links are below and I've provided images as a preview for your convenience (though I'm afraid the quality of the images is poor, boohoo). I've to go, hope this post and the worksheet helps you!

lower level

intermediate level


  1. Kak Sumaiyyah, hi hi! Assalamualaikum teacher! Hehe. Guess what, I haven't yet got posted. 8 months and counting tanam anggur dekat rumah. But they said my batch should get posted in April, hopefully. So, I am a bit nervous. And, I was wondering if I could have your contact number. Just thought adding a new teacher-friend since you have been in this profession for quite some time. Might ask you one or two tips in the future. :D

    1. Waalaikumussalam. Hello2 Aida! Haven't dropped by your blog for a while and as you can see, haven't done much with my own blog for months now too haha. I see... well don't worry I waited 9 months so it probably won't be long for you now. Could you email me at sumaiyyahabidah at gmail dot com so that I can give you my contact number? I'd rather not post it here ;)

  2. I have read about your 2d...very interesting and 'scary' too...
    But i guess young kids are forever playful and inquisitive in their own special ways...
    I'm an english teacher too but teaching secondary school students...
    Our clients are different but they are very much i guess we have to always be creative in finding attractive ways to pull them towards our subject...
    And i'm sure after accumulated experiences you have been gaining, you must be mighty creative now...
    We are sharing the same passion so let's make it hard for our students to forget a good way of course...
    I use english with my students all the time until they are confused whether i'm a truly malay or not...i dont care what they think as long as at the end of the day they could grasp the language however small the quantity is...
    Have fun dear in teaching so that our students can feel the aura too...
    I like your blog..

    1. Hi suzet! Thank you soooo much for kind words. It mady day and I even teared up a bit! It's true, they're all human just like us,and one thing I've learnt is that they can teach just as well as I teach them. Thanks again, your students are so lucky to have you for a teacher:)

  3. Assalammualaikum! I'm a newly appointed teacher, yesterday marks 1-month of being in this profession. Thanks for all your ideas that I have used in my lessons. May Allah rewards you in tenfolds.. But I've got a question to ask, about dividing the groups according to their level. Do you ask them to sit in their respective groups in the lessons? does that make them feel superior or the opposite towards each other? thanks...

    1. Assalamualaikum. I am so dreadfully sorry, I have not logged in for a long, long time and I'm truly sorry for only answering your question now. Alhamdulillah for your good feedback, thank you sweetheart!

      Now to answer your question. I think it really depends on what you wish to achieve and what kind of activity you plan to carry out. If you wish to teach pupils a particular skill, say how to write simple sentences and you want to have them arrange words/phrases into sentences, then you may want to divide them into groups according to their level. This way, you can assign tasks according to their level and there won't be any risk of weaker students depending solely on the more advanced ones since they will be in groups where they will work based on their level.

      However, if you plan on producing creative artworks like a short skit or performance, you may want to mix the levels up because this is where the more advanced students will help you in several ways:
      (i) they will make your work easier because they can decide and plan their work so you don't have to spend too much time with each group
      (ii) the weaker students will not feel left out because they can still perform though they may need on depend on their 'smarter' groupmates

      I have done a lot of group activities this year and I think they turned out pretty well. I will try my best to share on teh blog. Since my pupils are so used to group work, they work really well regardless of how I group them. I think, anyway, haha.

      Good luck on your teaching and I'm so happy knowing someone who cares about what they do like you! DO stop by and tell me how you get on.


  4. juz read ur blog after accidentally clicked in, love ur passion. I hope I can share the same passion. gud luck to u.u r a great teacher

    1. Hello Fedelis! I;m so sorry I have only logged in to my blog after so long. Thank so much, your comment has made my day, trust me! I hope whatever passion that I have will stay strong and perhaps grows even more so. Much love.


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