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Monday, April 25, 2011

The long wait before being posted to who-knows-where

   And so the waiting starts.

It's time to start tearing off the pages off... one by one, day by day
   The strangest thing about this blog is that even though my last post was nearly a month ago, the page views keep increasing. I wonder who comes here... and what those who do read. . It makes me feel rather mean because I have not written anything much since teaching practice ended. It's not that I don't want to write or that I don't have anything to write about. It's just that writing takes some work and effort, and once you stop doing it, it's not exactly easy to get back on track.

   Well, teaching practice is over- it ended over a week ago on April 14th 2011. It was a sad, but all good things (as well as bad things) come to an end eventually as long as we are on this world, and one must not sigh or lament over this little fact. What I do know is that SKP will always remain in my heart as the place where I learnt so much and got to know so many good people. I shall always treasure the memories I collected there- they're all carefully kept away in a special drawer in my treasure chest.

   So what happens now that teaching practice is over? The long, long wait for posting results. Well, perhaps that does not come to mind first. For me, particularly, the first thing that I am currently anxiously waiting for is the results for teaching practice. With that will come the results for my overall achievement for my degree. If I get a cgpa of 3.6 and above, insya-Allah I'll obtain First Class Honours. Do I think I will get it? I do not know. Time will tell. I hope I will. It would not only mean a lot to me but also to everyone who has contributed so much in my making (was that sentence correct? Oh well).

   Then, there will be the long, long LONG, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG wait for posting results. This is something that every teacher trainee goes through (I guess, as far as I know that is). Naturally, I put Kelantan as my desired location, but they say it's not easy to get in. No, no. There are thousands of old and experienced teachers on the waiting list, hoping to be sent back to their beloved state, so what chance do new teachers have? What chance do I have?

   What do I think? I do hope and pray that Allah will place me somewhere near to my home sweet home- but at the same time I know that Allah's will is great. Whatever place He send me to will be the place that I am meant to be in. I hope and pray that He will send me to a place where I am needed. That's what Ustaz said (long story).

   So when will we know the results? B.Ed TESL students, or at least the ones under the twinning programmes between IPGs and local universities are usually posted to their respective places sometime in August. It is now April. Well, it's nearly May, anyhow. So there's a long 3 month wait, I guess. It doesn't sound so bad considering teh fact that our semester breaks are usually also 3 months long. I just hope there aren't any delays, like what happened to our seniors. They had to wait until October last year to be posted, poor things. Just imagine waiting for half a year.

   Well, let's hope and pray that all will go well. I put my complete trust in Allah. He knows best, so I trust Him with all my heart. I just hope that wherever they put me, it's a place where I can get access to the internet. Please oh please! :P

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