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Monday, January 30, 2012

KSSR Year 2: Listening & Speaking (Animal Sounds)

   Two posts in a day! Rajin pulak I, haha.

   As I have mentioned in my last post, I am teaching one Year 2 class. Since KSSR was first launched last year (2011), this year's Year 2 pupils are the first ones to follow the KSSR. I have gone for a course on KSSR when I was in my training institute, but it was merely a brief introduction and though it helped, I am still a little hazy about the whole thing. Thankfully I have some notes given by our very kind lecturer Madam Is.

   I prepared this lesson by following an example provided in the KSR Year 2 Teacher Guidebook. I am not sure if what I have done is right, but as I told you before, I was not able to carry this lesson out. If anybody is currently teaching Year 2 pupils and would like to try this lesson out, I welcome you to use my idea and please do come back and tell me how it when. I'd love to know.

Subject: English
Level: Year 2 KSSR
Skill: Listening & Speaking
Topic: Animal Sounds

You will need:
 Flashcards of animals
Audio files on animal sounds


Set Induction: Talk to pupils about their favourite animals. If they do not know the English word for it, ask them to say the name  of the animal in their mother tongue. Then tell them the English version and make sure they repeat after you.

Step 1
1. First show pupils pictures of animals. Tell them the names of the animals and ask them to repeat after you. Go through all the picture you have.
2. In the second round, ask the children to make the sounds of each animal.

Step 2
1. Play the animal sounds, one by one. In the first round, ask them to guess what animal it is.
2. In the second round, play the sounds again and this time tell them the animals that make the sounds. repeat as necessary.

Step 3
1. Distribute the worksheets.
2. Explain to the children that you will play one animal sound. They must try to guess which animal makes the sound and write the number '1' on the box next to the picture of the animal.
3. After they have done that, play the next sound. Go through the sounds one by one and let them write the number before playing the next sound.
3. Check the answers with the whole class.

I believe this lesson is quite simple. If you try this out, do let me know, and  I'd love to hear you suggestions on how to make the activities better, more interesting or more suitable for lower/higher ability pupils. Thank you! I hope you enjoy this post!


  1. found ur blog while searching for ideas on teaching L&S..leaded me from one post to another.. great experiences n ideas...helped me a lot!thx 4 sharing..hope to read more post on TESL as i'm following ur blog!:)

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I wonder what I'm really doing with this blog, so I'm glad to know that there are people who find it beneficial! What sort of stuff do you want to read about TESL? I've finished my studies so I haven't really written much on the topic, hehe

    2. indeed, it is beneficial, im searching for inspiration to create young learner's course book...i love ur blog so much, the design is cool, how to do it???...

      FOr Fiona; there is no word 'LEADED'.....the past past form should be 'LED' instead of leaded...... :)

    3. Thanks Desfianur Ardhi, it's very kind of you indeed. I simply used a blog template provided by Leelou blogs- you can click the red-coloured writing at the top left corner of my blog.

  2. salam, really inspired by ur writing, myb u can used some materials from this web to help ur teaching and

    1. Thanks so much! I'm checking the sites out now :)

  3. OMG don't you EVER think 'what am I really doing with this blog'! God, you really gave me a whole bunch of ideas here! seriously, GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL! :) I am very happy I found your blog and now I have already bookmarked you, teacher mayah!THANK YOU. and ur recipe blog is FUNTASTIC as well..omg *HUGS*

    1. Hi Lk7. Thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comment! A lot of times I get such good comments which makes me feel really guilty for not keeping this blog updated more. I'd love to share as much as I can but... well I shouldn't make excuses. I'll try my best to do better. Thanks again and do come back! *HUGS BACK*

  4. thank you so much teacher sumaiyyah. im a tesl students and your material helps me a lot.

  5. Thank you for sharing the good info..I'm an English teacher too..Nice knowing u dear

  6. i like your blog, thank your for sharing

  7. i really like your blog,it opens my mind,really help me as a TESL student,it gives me ideas to design activities,thanks and gud job!;)


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