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Saturday, January 7, 2012

News on Posting: Let's hope it's true!

   Some of you may not have Twitter, but if you do, you may want to follow Dato' Wee Ka Siong's account, he tweets a lot about posting these days. Here's the link:

   According to WKS, the first batch to be posted this year will be able to check  their placements this coming Monday evening. We all can't wait! Hopefully the news will be worth the long wait, Insya-Allah. 

   Since I'm a TESL graduate, I mostly only check out the tweets regarding the TESL grads. If you have questions regarding your programme, you can check out his tweets, of better still, shoot him a question. From what I've seen, he's mostly ready to answer queries made to him. 

   According to WKS, 199 out of 201 TESL (primary school) graduates cleared the interview. They're still waiting for SPP to confirm the list for TESL (secondary school). I'm not sure about the DPLIs, KPLIs who missed out on last year's posting and the PISMP programmes, but I hope things turn out well for all  of us.

   Hopefully Monday will bring good news for us all!

   UPDATE: It's Monday! Insya-Allah all primary school option teachers will be able to check by 8.00 PM tonight. Those from the secondary school option will be able to check their status in 2-3 days. All the very BEST!

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