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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reflective Practitioner: What Should Teachers Think About?

   My supervisor during practicum was Madam Jane. She was an excellent supervisor and I could write one whole post about her. I feel blessed to have had her guidance throughout practicum, and I've yet to buy her a gift to thank her! I hope any juniors who get her will learn as much as they can from Mdm J.

   Being the 'rajin' sort of lecturer that she was, she wrote down these question while observing my (or my partner's, I don't remember) class. These questions are really good, and help you to think and reflect upon your teaching. It would be good if you take the time to answer then, whoever you supervisor is. You could also include this in your portfolio

Reflective Practitioner

1.     How can teachers create instructional opportunities that reflect an understanding of how all children learn and develop?

2.     How can teachers adequately address the enormous diversity of today’s learners and approaches to learning?

3.     How can they use a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies to support the continuous development of each learner?

4.     How can we encourage teachers to be reflective, to inform their practice with a deep understanding of how children learn and develop?

Reflective practitioner:     
-   theory and experience continuously informing and shaping each other
-   constant back and forth between the teacher’s theories about learning and what is really happening in the classroom
5.     What teacher behaviours contribute to students’ achievement and success?

6.     How can teachers engage in systematic inquiry that can help them improve their teaching in a way that is more likely to ensure that kids ‘get it’?

   Being the nice person that I am (ahhem!), I've also uploaded the questions in the form of a Microsoft Word document. You can download it using the link below. Included is a mind-map, also by Mdm Jane.

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