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Sunday, January 23, 2011

6 rules in Miss Sue's class

   [I have a lot to write about my first at SK Pegoh, but I don't have time yet, so I hope this will do for now. Thanks for reading! Comments are very much welcomed.]

   I said once that I would rather have my pupils call me 'Teacher Sue' rather than 'Miss Sue'. It may be grammatically wrong, but it sounds so much warmer. In fact, I only introduced myself as Miss Sue once in my Year 3 English class. However, I suppose one must try, so I think I'll try it for my next class.

   I got this idea after doing some surfing on the internet and watching some videos on Youtube. I decided that I'd try it in my next class. It won't be easy, and it might not work, but there's always a first time for everything, huh?

   I decided that each time before my class, I'd ask the children to chant a list of rules in my class. The purpose? Well, first of all is of course to set some sort of discipline in class. At first, they may not understand what the rules mean, but perhaps they will. I hope to let them achieve that before I leave SKP in April. Next, it may help to set the mood for my English class. By doing this, they will know that it is time for Miss Sue's English class (forgive me but 'Miss Sue' really does sound a little squeasy to me....I actually squirm every time I type it).

   As for the other benefits... I'll list them down when I found what they are. For now, I'm just going to try doing it first.

   And so... these are the rules for Miss Sue's class. I wanted to limit it to 5, but I can't think of which one I should delete. I wish I had enough readers who can help comment and give their opinions, but I don't. Oh, well.

6 Rules in Miss Sue's English class

1.   I must listen when teacher is speaking.
2.   I must raise my hand when I want to speak.
3.   I must follow teacher’s instructions the best way I can.
4.   I must be nice to teacher and my friends.
5.    I must try to use English as much as I can.
6.   I must work and study hard.

   There you are. I'll try this out and update you on the progress and whether it works. Insya-Allah I shall also upload some lesson plans soon. They're not that good, but they may help you in getting some ideas in teaching English, especially for those who need to follow the KBSR syllabus.

   Wish me luck! May Allah bless all teachers who strive and work hard to make teaching fun and meaningful for their children!

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