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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grammar: Prepositions

   I prepared this lesson plan for a class that was to be observed by Madam J. It was to be my third out of four observations by her (you can read about how the observation are arranged for my course here), and as usual I was quite nervous. Well perhaps to use quite is not even close. I was really, really nervous. Lemony Snicket would probably call this observation the 'penultimate' one. What? You've never heard of LS? Good heavens, do you live in a box? I was joking, you can find out about him here, he's one of my favourite authors.

   Anyway, I had chosen to teach Year 3 'prepositions ', so I browsed through the internet looking for interesting materials and tips that could help me. I came upon this site called GenkiEnglish. The materials look really interesting but unfortunately they're not free. However, after looking at some samples on this page, I got some good ideas on how to teach prepositions, so thanks anyway.

   As usual, I would like to remind you that the format of lesson plans may be different depending on your school, state, college, country etc. What I mean to do is just to share ideas that I have tried in class.

   I took all pictures from the internet, so credits go to the owners. I only use them for teaching purposes, so I hope they don't mind.

   1. Lesson Plan
       I prepared this lesson plan with a lot of help which I got from the internet. You may edit it to suit your needs. I do hope that no one will use it for assignments or anything. Remember, you may cheat to deceive other people, but you can never deceive Allah.

   2. Box Template

   3. Lollipop Monkey Template

   Insya-Allah, I shall edit this post to provide some pictures and explanations. Right now I have toothache so I have to stop. Sorry, hoho. 'Til then.

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  1. Hi, Summaiyyah! Am using this for an in-house. Hehe. Tq!


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